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Hello, my name is Thyda and I am an Cambodian artisan based in Siem Reap. Raindrop is the name of my jewellery collection. During rainy season I pick the seeds, water is an essential element for bringing my craft to life – like nature itself is a steady creative transformation.

My husband picks up seeds from fruits people eat and throw on the ground, he brings them to me and I make jewellery out of.

Earrings, Bracelets & Necklaces
created by nature – designed by Thyda

RAINDROP jewellery, Siem Reap Cambodia

RAINDROP jewellery, Siem Reap Cambodia

RAINDROP jewellery, Siem Reap Cambodia

Thyda was told that she wouldn’t achieve much in life – and therefore, that she shouldn’t try…

Unwilling to become discouraged by the words of others in a country where discrimination against people living with disabilities is still quite rampant, Thyda has chosen to take control of her life.

She not only completed her education in business management (against the advice of her cousin), but also launched and operated several businesses, and is now the proud owner of “Raindrop Jewellery” – Thyda designs and sells her jewelry to support her life and that of her family. A dream I becoming true, every day though she needs to work hard for it.

With her courageous and bold decisions, her hard work, dedication, and the risks she took when she got on that bus that led her away from an environment that suffocated her potential and dreams…she’s glowing now, knowing full well that she is living HER life.

written by Maggie Padlewska

Inspiration is like a seed, it grows if nurtured well.

I achieved my goals and I developed my own business in the last years not only because of my passion and love for what I do, and the support from generous minds all around the world, but mainly because other designers and artists inspired me.

Do you have a custom requests?

For your friend back home a unique and mindful souvenir, or for your loved one, why not just for yourself. – I am looking forward to receive your inspiration and to hear your ideas.

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